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Established in 1919, Three Threes are a 5th generation, family-run Australian business.
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A 100 year history

Three Threes is an Australian family-owned food manufacturing business that was first registered in 1919, by Stanley Roy McAlpine. Three Threes is currently managed by Michael McAlpine, the 4th Generation of The McAlpine family and his wife Justine.  

Three Threes proudly supply and manufacture a quality range of products, including condiments; spreads; pickled vegetables and sauces to Australian supermarkets and overseas. Three Threes also contract house brands for Coles Supermarkets.  We are proud to work with many Australian farmers and use Australian raw materials, machinery, and packaging wherever we can.  

Three Threes is focused on staying a family-owned Australian business for many years ahead.  We offer a friendly, fair and creative workplace and have a small but extremely hard-working group of employees that are devoted to making superior products for everyone to enjoy at any occasion. 

Supporting Australian Farmers

Three Threes prides itself on purchasing from and supporting other Australian companies. Three Threes try to educate and encourage customers to buy Australian as this will help ensure manufacturing survives. Three Threes are also a strong advocate in purchasing Australian made ingredients, raw materials, locally made machinery and using local services. We use locally made glass, cartons and labels. We try, wherever possible, to use locally grown vegetables. Three Threes strive on producing top quality products every time to ensure customer satisfaction and offer a customer guarantee.


Ron McAlpine

Ron McAlpine

3rd Generation

Ron Started in the business late in the 1955’s after completing his studies at University. Ron worked alongside of his father, then his brother, before his Sons Peter and Michael took over the business, giving Ron the opportunity to Retire from the day to day running of the factory.

Ron is very proud to have Michael running the business and always offers his support and experience. He is still an active share holder of the business and often calls in to chat with staff. 

Michael McAlpine

Michael McAlpine

4th Generation

Michael commenced working in the business in 1987. Since that time Michael has seen many changes in the business. Michael develops and maintains relationships with Brokers, key customers, suppliers and partners.

He has introduced new machinery and technology to help improve the productivity of the production line and works closely with the production team overseeing the daily operations of the organisation and ensures that all processes and procedures are running smoothly so Three Threes can provide customers with the quality products they expect from our brand. Michael has enjoyed growing the business and is extremely patriotic to supporting Australian Farmers, where possible.

Justine McAlpine

Justine McAlpine

Office Manager

Justine joined the business in 1990 as an Office Traineeship. In 1994 Justine married Michael and like Michael has only ever worked at Three Threes. 

Justine oversees the daily operations of the organisation, managing processes, accounting, and human resources. She assists Michael in developing relationships with key customers, suppliers and partners. She continues to look for opportunities to grow the business overseas through export markets.  



Where it all began

Three Threes originally started when Stanley Roy McAlpine and his wife Winfred Grace commenced making and selling pickles, jams, sauces and chutneys from their home in 1919. Back then you would then sell your product from a horse and cart that was decorated to impress shop owners. Our products quickly become popular and they had to move to larger premises in Woollahra.



By 1927, the business had again outgrown their premises and had to move, this time to a factory in Darlington. Stanley’s Son Cecil William commenced working with his parents in the operation of the business.



The company then moved again before purchasing and building a new plant at Lidcombe in 1955, which is still our factory location today.

Ronald Roy McAlpine, Cecil’s first son joined the business at this time, whilst studying Food Technology at Hawkesbury Agriculture College. With this knowledge, Ron became a very important member with the advancement of production and product stability. Soon after in 1957, following family tradition, Ron’s brother, David William McAlpine, joined the business. David helped run production and with Ron’s help, both brothers introduced new machinery and technology for the business.



By 1962, Three Threes was well established and a household name throughout New South Wales. In 1962, it became an associated company with brothers Ron and David becoming shareholders. Both Ron and David managed the business together when their father passed away. Over the next decade, they continued to introduce new manufacturing methods and techniques and also expanded the range to include pickled onions, gherkins and olives. They then launched the brand into other states and now Three Threes is a recognised brand across Australia.



In 1984 Ron’s wife, Carolyn Anne McAlpine, joined the business to assist with the office work. Soon after, their eldest son, Peter Roy McAlpine, commenced working in 1985, after finishing his high school years. Peter went straight into production, working alongside his uncle, learning the day to day procedures and the operations of machinery.



In 1987, Peter’s brother, Michael John McAlpine, joined the business. Michael was enthusiastic to learn the marketing side of the business and introduce new lines and expand the business, so he split his time between production and sales. In 1988 David also decided to leave the business and move to the country, handing the business over to Ron, Carolyn, Peter and Michael.

Over the next 10 years, the company continued to grow with the introduction of new lines including Apple sauce and mint jelly. Three Threes expanded their range of pickled onions and also introduced the very popular ‘Sandwich Spreadable Mustard Pickles’. Ron and Carolyn eventually retired and handed the everyday running of the business over to Peter and Michael, along with their wives. Michael’s wife, Justine McAlpine, joined the business is 1990 and Peters wife, Sharyn McAlpine, started in 1994. Both Sharyn and Justine work in the office looking after the administration side of the business.



In 2001, Three Threes launched “Mightymite”, an Australian made yeast extract spread. Three Threes wanted to offer Australians a spread that was made and owned by an Australian company. In 2010 Mightymite became a proud sponsor of Sydney Kings basketball team in , a first for the business to enter a sports partnership.  Today Three Threes are proud to be partnered with several different organisations through charity work and team sponsorship.



In 2010, Three Threes launched their range of Australian made premium sauces. The range now consists of Tomato sauce, BBQ/Ribs sauce, Burger/Steak Sauce and the newest addition, Mushroom Sauce.



In 2015 Tim McAlpine joined the business whilst commencing university studies. Tim splits his time working in the factory and in the office working on promotions and marketing, when he is not at University.

Also in 2015 Peter and Sharyn McAlpine both decided to leave the business, handing the business over to Michael and Justine who were excited with what the future brings with their three children showing an eager interest in the business. Over the years the three children have appeared in television commercials promoting the brand and are always interested in attending local Food expo’s, where they get the opportunity to talk to customers and promote the company and products.



Today Three Threes now supply nationally around Australia to all major supermarkets and independents, and are constantly expanding their export market. The McAlpine family are proud to offer our customers products that will satisfy them every time.

Quality Programs

Three Threes food safety team ensures that our products are only the highest quality, that you would expect from our trusted brand.  We are proud to hold SQF (Safe, Quality, Food) Certification- SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing.   This is recognised around the world.  This means that we meet the needs of all suppliers in the food industry through an internationally recognised certification system, featuring an emphasis on the systematic application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for control of food quality hazards as well as food safety.  Our site is externally audited each year to ensure our Food Safety program is up to date and meets the code requirements as well as Three Threes standards. 

Three Threes ensure all our suppliers are also certified and have a strict supplier approval process in place, we continually carry out internal and external audits.   With our suppliers complying with these codes it ensures that quality, safety and management is linked from the purchasing to delivery right to the manufacturing of our products at all times.  


Environmental Policy

Three Threes are a signatory with the Australian Packaging Covenant. We work closely with them to ensure that we are working towards designing more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.

Three Threes ensure all our suppliers are also certified and have a strict supplier approval process in place, we continually carry out internal and external audits.   With our suppliers complying with these codes it ensures that quality, safety and management is linked from the purchasing to delivery right to the manufacturing of our products at all times.  

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is a co-regulatory, not-for-profit organisation that partners with the government and industry to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the Australian environment.

These standards are a minimum of what we need to achieve, we are constantly looking at reducing the eliminating waste, recycling plans, working with our supplier to cut un-necessary packaging and to raise awareness with our staff on the importance of recycling.

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