Three Threes Advent Calendar

December 22nd


There’s just 3 days till Christmas so today is all about tying up loose ends and sorting last minute things you’ve just realised you forgot to do! One of them could be entering our Major Prize of a $3000 travel voucher. To be eligible, you need to enter the 3 Major Prize dates, one of them being yesterday. So get cracking! You don’t want to miss out.


Time to do those last minute things!

When it comes to Christmas, there is always something that pops up last minute that requires you to rush around like a mad thing. Today is the day for that! We’re talking last minute gifts for the person you didn’t realise was coming for lunch, additional menu items you need to add for the vegetarian coming for dinner and the last minute present swap when you find out your niece out-grew barbie dolls 2 years ago! Let’s get it done today so you can enjoy the next couple of days stress-free. What’s your last minute dash going to involve?

Ready. Set. Go!

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