Minor Prize Entry

December 18th


This is our second last hamper giveaway so make sure you’re in it to win it! Today we thought it was a good day to get your non-perishable food shopping done. Now that your menu is sorted, including dessert, you can make a list and head to the supermarket. This will mean you avoid the crazy last minute rush to the shops. And that’s never fun!


Time to go food shopping

With just over a week till Christmas, now is the time to get to the supermarket before everyone else does! Sorting out your non-perishable items today means one less thing to do in the days before Christmas. And who wants to be rushing around like a mad thing if they don’t have to be! Fighting over the last jar of Three Threes Apple Sauce or Sweet Mustard Pickles isn’t pretty (but totally worth it of course!) We’d love to know what lengths you’d go to for your favourite Three Threes products this Christmas.

Share on today’s Facebook post what lengths you’d go to for your favourite Three Threes product this Christmas. As always we love creative entries so feel free to tell us, show us, sing it, dance it…whatever takes your fancy. We’ll select a winner and announce them tomorrow!

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