Three Threes Advent Calendar

December 13th


Ok don’t panic but there’s only 12 days left till Christmas! Thank goodness we’re right on track….yeah? Keeping up with us? To take a break from all the ‘doing’ let’s enjoy a little bit of sightseeing with a trip around the neighbourhood to check out some festive Christmas light displays!


Check out some Christmas Light Displays!

Are you the house in the street that has the enviable light display? Or do you prefer to check out everyone else’s instead? There are some incredible displays all over the country with people going to amazing lengths to bring joy and magic to Christmas. From a simple santa in the window to elaborate light shows choreographed to music, there’s plenty of options for adding a little light to your Christmas this year. We’d love to see your own light displays or any that you’ve spotted in your suburb. Tell us on today’s Facebook post where the best displays are in your area so we can all check them out! 

December 13th
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