Three Threes Advent Calendar

December 3rd


With only 22 days till Christmas, today is the day to get cracking with any online shopping you need to get done. Whether it’s a Bunnings gift card for Jan, an air fryer for Georgeana, a cake mixer for Tegan or an air conditioner for Elia (some great wish list items shared with us yesterday) you’ll find almost anything online! So many people shared with us that what they want most is a holiday and time spent with family & friends. We can’t wait to surprise one lucky person with our major prize of a $3000 travel voucher. Keep an eye out for our 3 major prize dates to make sure you get your entry in! 


Time to order online before it’s too late!

Where do you most like to shop online? Are you an ebay shopper ready to snap up a bargain? Maybe it’s Amazon for choice? Or maybe you like to keep it local and purchase from smaller retailers in your area. Whatever your preference it’s time to start ordering. Anything ordered from within Australia after December 12th is unlikely to arrive on time so don’t leave it till the last minute. Disappointed faces Christmas morning aren’t much fun. And if you’re shopping for groceries we’re proud to offer all of our products online through Coles & Woolworths…a Three Threes jar of pickles makes a great stocking stuffer!

Check back tomorrow to see if it’s an entry prize day…we’ve got a good feeling it might be!

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