Major Prize Entry!

Congratulations you’ve opened the first of only 3 Major Prize entry dates. Read on to see what you need to do to be eligible for the major prize of a $3000 Travel Voucher. Make sure to check back every day as there’ll be two more Major Prize entry dates and to be selected as our winner you must enter all 3 days. Good luck!

December 1st

It’s officially the Festive Season which means you’ve got exactly 24 days until the big day. After such a tough 2020, Christmas this year is even more special. First on the list of things to do is get the Christmas Tree up.

Decorate Tree

Put the Tree Up

The 1st of December marks the start of the festive season and the ideal time to set up your Christmas Tree. At 333’s, we love real ingredients so we favour a real tree for the smell and authentic Christmas vibes it brings. Whatever your preference, today is the day to dust the tree off, polish up those baubles and get the vacuum ready to pick up all the tinsel!

To go into the running to win our Major Prize post a pic of your decorated tree in the comments section of our December 1st Facebook post. Strategic placement of any 333’s product is highly favoured by our judges!

Keep checking back to ensure you enter 2 more times to complete your entry and be eligible for the $3000 Major Prize.

Good luck

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