Three Threes have been supplying to all the major supermarket stores and selected Independent stores for many years. We are proudly on shelf at:

Alternatively you can purchase selected products on-line through the following websites:

If you can’t find a particular product please contact us through our customer feedback form and we will let you know where it is available in your local area. We offer our products for distribution to all stores and supermarkets through Australia, although sometimes they may choose not to range it. This is out of our control and we are just as disappointed as you would be not to have our products on the shelf.


APPLE CINNAMON PANCAKES - Your family will loves the apple and cinnamon flavor in these light yet hearty pancakes.

We try and use Royal Gala apples and pack at certain times of the year to ensure customers have the same consistent product all year round.

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Premium Sauces

TOMATO, BBQ & RIBS, BURGER & STEAK - A premium sauce pack.

Unique blend of special ingredients that provide a range of versatile gourmet sauces to be enjoyed by everyone. Each variety has been formulated using a family recipe, ensuring that we can offer a unique home grown flavour.

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Mint Fusion

MINT JELLY - Best served with Lamb. It can also be used as an ice-cream topping.

Three Threes Mint jelly is a sweet addition to your next lamb dinner. Specially formulated with mint flakes to give a fresh tangy mint taste.

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