Three Threes are proud to support our farmers. We have been through drought and floods and appreciate the hard work our farmers do with their families to provide us with the freshest ingredients. We deal with many farmers but have highlighted a few that provide most of our vegetables.

farmers-cauliGreentree Family – Cauliflower and Cucumbers

The McAlpine and Greentrees have been dealing with each other over 3 Generations. Originally, Ron and David McAlpine dealt with Peter and Charlie Greentree, today Peter and Michael McAlpine deal with Peters son Grant and his wife Sue, with Grants children Ryan and Trent, who all work hard on the farm and deliver the vegetables to our factory. The Greentrees have been through drought and floods and faced the difficulties together.

Their farm is based at Freemans Reach, on the riverbanks of the Hawkesbury River near Windsor, New South Wales. Three Threes purchase over 200 tonne of cauliflower and over 150 tonne of Cucumbers each year.

Alan Richards – Onions

Alan’s farm is based in Nobby, in North East Queensland. Alan’s farm provides Three Threes with over 550 tonne of onions each year. Alan’s farm ensures that we can continue to provide our customers with Australian grown Pickled Onions.

The McAlpine family first started dealing with Alan’s family in 1997, when we were introduced after he purchased land from a previous farmer we had dealt with. After several years of research and trails, we have worked hard together to ensure that the right process right from the seed to the harvesting machinery is used to help Three Threes obtain the best pickled onions on the market.

Pascoe Family – Apples

farmers-applesThree Threes started dealing with the Pascoe family when they introduced Apple Sauce to their range, today it is great to be working along with another family business. The Pascoe family deliver fresh Apple pulp to our factory on the day of manufacturing, each year we get delivered over 381,200 kilograms of fresh Apple.

The Pascoe farm is based in Orange in Western New South Wales, with their support Three Threes will never have to import Apple for our products and our proud to be only ever using Australian Apples in our products.

Mulyan Farms

Three Threes purchases Red onion and Beetroot from our newest farmer Ed Fagan from Mulyan Farms.  The Fagan family help develop the Beetroot and Red Onion Relish, which was launched in 2014.  Three Threes are excited to be working with Ed and hope that in the future we will be able to offer more Australian Grown products for consumers to enjoy.
Mr Fagan has been awarded the New South Wales Department of Primary Industry’s Farmer of the Year in 2015. The Fagan family’s 1600-hectare property is based in western New South Wales at Cowra.


APPLE CINNAMON PANCAKES - Your family will loves the apple and cinnamon flavor in these light yet hearty pancakes.

We try and use Royal Gala apples and pack at certain times of the year to ensure customers have the same consistent product all year round.

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Premium Sauces

TOMATO, BBQ & RIBS, BURGER & STEAK - A premium sauce pack.

Unique blend of special ingredients that provide a range of versatile gourmet sauces to be enjoyed by everyone. Each variety has been formulated using a family recipe, ensuring that we can offer a unique home grown flavour.

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Mint Fusion

MINT JELLY - Best served with Lamb. It can also be used as an ice-cream topping.

Three Threes Mint jelly is a sweet addition to your next lamb dinner. Specially formulated with mint flakes to give a fresh tangy mint taste.

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