Three Threes is an Australian family owned food manufacturing business that was first registered in 1919, by Stanley Roy McAlpine. Three Threes is currently managed Michael McAlpine, the 4th Generation of The McAlpine family, his wife Justine and their son Timothy. We proudly supply and manufacture a quality range of products, including condiments; spreads; pickled vegetables and sauces to Australian supermarkets. We are now, more recently, exporting to parts of the world under the Three Threes and Mightymite brands, the Three Threes brand now being over 97 years old. Three Threes also contract house brands for Aldi and Coles Supermarkets. Three Threes main focus is staying as a family owned business for many generations to come. Michael McAlpine is excited that the next generation of McAlpines has joined the business with his son Tim, deciding after finishing his High school studies, to be part of Three Threes and his other children Ben and Sophie interested in the business with Michael discussing the everyday running of the business and introducing them to staff and farmers so they can start to build an understanding of the importance of the business and it’s existing relationships. Click here to see a detailed family tree.

Three Threes prides itself on purchasing from and supporting other Australian companies. Three Threes try to educate and encourage customers to buy Australian as this will help ensure manufacturing survives. Three Threes are also a strong advocate in purchasing Australian made ingredients, raw materials, locally made machinery and using local services. We use locally made glass, cartons and labels. We try, wherever possible, to use locally grown vegetables. Three Threes strive on producing top quality products every time to ensure customer satisfaction and offer a customer guarantee.

Three Threes originally started when Stanley Roy McAlpine and his wife Winfred Grace commenced making and selling pickles, jams, sauces and chutneys from their home in 1919. Back then you would then sell your product from a horse and cart that was decorated to impress shop owners. Our products quickly become popular and they had to move to larger premises in Woollahra. By 1927, the business had again outgrown their premises and had to move, this time to a factory in Darlington. Stanley’s Son Cecil William commenced working with his parents in the operation of the business. The company then moved again before purchasing and building a new plant at Lidcombe in 1955, which is still our factory location today.

Ronald Roy McAlpine, Cecil first son joined the business at this time, whilst studying Food Technology at Hawkesbury Agriculture College. With this knowledge, Ron became a very important member with the advancement of production and product stability. Soon after in 1957, following family tradition, Ron’s brother, David William McAlpine, joined the business. David helped run production and with Ron’s help, both brothers introduced new machinery and technology for the business. By 1962, Three Threes was well established and a household name throughout New South Wales. In 1962, it became an associated company with brothers Ron and David becoming shareholders. Both Ron and David managed the business together when their father passed away. Over the next decade, they continued to introduce new manufacturing methods and techniques and also expanded the range to include pickled onions, gherkins and olives. They then launched the brand into other states and now Three Threes is a recognised brand across Australia.

In 1984 Ron’s wife, Carolyn Anne McAlpine, joined the business to assist with the office work. Soon after, their eldest son, Peter Roy McAlpine, commenced working in 1985, after finishing his high school years. Peter went straight into production, working alongside his uncle, learning the day to day procedures and the operations of machinery. In 1987, Peter’s brother, Michael John McAlpine, joined the business. Michael was enthusiastic to learn the marketing side of the business and introduce new lines and expand the business, so he split his time between production and sales. In 1988 David also decided to leave the business and move to the country, handing the business over to Ron, Carolyn, Peter and Michael.

Over the next 10 years, the company continued to grow with the introduction of new lines including Apple sauce and mint jelly. Three Threes expanded their range of pickled onions and also introduced the very popular ‘Sandwich Spreadable Mustard Pickles’. Ron and Carolyn eventually retired and handed the everyday running of the business over to Peter and Michael, along with their wives. Michael’s wife, Justine McAlpine, joined the business is 1990 and Peters wife, Sharyn McAlpine, started in 1994. Both Sharyn and Justine work in the office looking after the administration side of the business.

In 2001, Three Threes launched “Mightymite”, an Australian made yeast extract spread. Three Threes wanted to offer Australians a spread that was made and owned by an Australian company. In 2010 Mightymite become a proud sponsors of Sydney Kings basketball team in , a first for the business to enter a sports partnership.  Today Three Threes are proud to be partnered with several different organisations through charity work and team sponsorship, for more information visit

In 2010, Three Threes launched their range of Australian made premium sauces. The range now consists of Tomato sauce, BBQ/Ribs sauce, Burger/Steak Sauce and the newest addition, Mushroom Sauce.

In 2015 Tim McAlpine joined the business whilst commencing university studies. Tim splits his time working in the factory and in the office working on promotions and marketing, when he is not at University.

Also in 2015 Peter and Sharyn McAlpine both decided to leave the business, handing the business over to Michael and Justine who are excited with what the future brings with their three children showing an eager interest in the business. Over the years the three children have appeared in television commercials promoting the brand and are always interested in attending local Food expo’s, where they get the opportunity to talk to customers and promote the company and products.

Today Three Threes now supply nationally around Australia to all major supermarkets and independents, and are constantly expanding their export market. The McAlpine family are proud to offer our customers products that will satisfy them every time


APPLE CINNAMON PANCAKES - Your family will loves the apple and cinnamon flavor in these light yet hearty pancakes.

We try and use Royal Gala apples and pack at certain times of the year to ensure customers have the same consistent product all year round.

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Premium Sauces

TOMATO, BBQ & RIBS, BURGER & STEAK - A premium sauce pack.

Unique blend of special ingredients that provide a range of versatile gourmet sauces to be enjoyed by everyone. Each variety has been formulated using a family recipe, ensuring that we can offer a unique home grown flavour.

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Mint Fusion

MINT JELLY - Best served with Lamb. It can also be used as an ice-cream topping.

Three Threes Mint jelly is a sweet addition to your next lamb dinner. Specially formulated with mint flakes to give a fresh tangy mint taste.

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